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From Palestine to Oxford we showed what great journalism can do

A Palestinian child watches an Israeli soldier as she waits with her mother at a checkpoint. This photo is part of an exhibition by Reuters photojournalist Abed Qusini (see below for details)

The Palestine Unlocked festival, which ran in Oxford throughout much of the month of June, showcased some famous names and faces, such as the Norwegian doctor Mads Gilbert, who gave nightly reports on the casualty situation during last year’s bombardment of Gaza, and Mustapha Barghouti, a leading Palestinian spokesperson and advocate for using peaceful means, including the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign, to end the military occupation.

But it was the story of a lesser known photojournalist from Nablus, Abed Qusini, as told by Katherine MacAlister through a front-page article in the Oxford Times Weekend, and in interview with BBC Oxford’s Kat Orman that arguably did most to get across the reality of daily life for Palestinians.

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