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We’re talking about why we work excessive hours and how to stop

Head and shoulders photo of Eleanor Connor.Many people working in publishing find themselves doing excessive overtime on a regular basis. And because Oxford is a publishing hub, this is an issue that affects many of our members. Branch member Eleanor Connor explains how we have started to tackle the problem.

Overwork is a major issue in publishing, but few of us actually talk about it. We thought we should. We wanted to create a space in which we could share experiences with colleagues across the sizeable publishing industry in this area, as a first step to working out ways to address the problem.

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Fifty – a dangerous age for (women) journalists?

And old typewriter and dusty books.Women over 50 are very active in our branch, so two of us went to London last week for a Women in Journalism event called “Fifty – a dangerous age for journalists?”

We’re not going to say which two because we don’t want to “come out” publicly as being over 50, in case it’s detrimental to our careers. But maybe we’re wrong… that was the point of the discussion. Continue reading

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