Our first digitally converged summer social: will you be there?

If you play a role in Oxfordshire’s interlinked and multi-platformed media ecosystem then  you’re invited to our summer social. Don’t let us down.

When? Thursday July 7th, 7.00-9.00pm

Where? North Wall Arts Centre, South Parade, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7JN

Who? News reporters, photographers, documentary makers, press officers, comms workers – staff and freelances, print, broadcast and online, working for small outfits or global giants, serving hyperlocal or international audiences…

Why? Because news and information know no boundaries, because we all care about ethics, quality and professionalism, and getting a fair return for what we do, because you never know where you might find an opening to change job… and because all of the above are a good excuse to party

The social is being hosted by the BBC Oxford NUJ chapel, complete with free buffet and first drink and a bar.

How interlinked are we really?

BBC Oxford are the ones who broadcast Radio Oxford, the selfsame radio station whose breakfast programme is live streamed on That’s Oxfordshire, one of a chain of hyperlocal TV channels owned by That’s Media available on Freeview.

That’s Media director Daniel Cass ran Six TV for 10 years from a studio round the corner from BBC Oxford that is now home to Jack FM.

Six TV was for much of its life part of Tri Media, and early multi-platform local media operation that included Passion FM radio station and the Oxford Courier and Journal, the free weekly newspapers that have now morphed into the Oxfordshire Guardian.

Both the Oxfordshire Guardian and the Oxford Mail were at one point associated with bids for the latest freeview hyperlocal TV licence.

Over the years while all this has been going on, of course, our local newspapers and broadcasters have developed multiple platforms, requiring their staff to multiskill, posting stories online, adding blogs, keeping up an endless stream of tweets.

Independent, “citizen journalist” hyperlocal blogs and websites have started up, and now the BBC seems to be looking to reach agreements to use some of the information from these hyperlocal sites on the local BBC websites in return for giving the sites greater visibility.

oxon media map

Our local media ecosystem

Newsrooms have been pared back to the bone, leaving fewer and more-precarious jobs, with higher workloads and stress loads. Press offices have ballooned with refugees from the newspaper sector, and have started taking on more of the work that once was done by reporters, writing up pieces, supplying images and case studies, that newsrooms no longer have the staff to do for themselves.

So yes, we are all pretty much interlinked. And in this fast-changing media sector, we all have an interest in fostering a local media ecosystem that offers opportunities to earn a decent living, doing whatever we do to the best of our ability.

You agree? Then come and join the party!

To help us gauge numbers, please RSVP to oxfordnuj@gmail.com using the subject line <summer>











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