Thursday June 12th: Are we seeing a return to Cold War journalism?

What does the coverage of the Ukraine tell us about the state of the European media? Who are the Cold War warriors and who are the independent, critical and informative sources on both sides of the old divide? Where do you go for a clear picture of what is going on in Ukraine and central/eastern Europe?

Join us over a glass of Stolichnaya (or not) as we open our June branch meeting to anyone interested in standing up for incisive and diverse journalism.

7.00pm, Thursday June 12 at The Chequers, High Street, Oxford 

Branch members Neil Clark and Mike Taylor will lead a discussion offering their own critical appraisal of media coverage from both sides of the old Cold War divide of events in the Ukraine, Hungary and other eastern European countries.



Neil Clark (left) is a freelance journalist who covers a wide range of subjects for a wide spectrum of media outlets. An OpEdge on the “anti-democratic democrats of the west” for the website of the Russian television network, a feature for the Daily Express on Charles Aznavour, and the Intelligent Punter’s Guide to the Eurovision Song Contest, for online news magazine The Week, are just three of the many pieces he had published in May (these and more are available at his award-winning website Neil will take a (highly) critical look at  how events in the Ukraine have been covered the British and western media.

Mike Taylor (right)  is a senior analyst at Oxford Analytica a “global analysis and advisory firm” covering developments in the political economy of Eastern Europe. He started his career working as an editor at the BBC monitoring centre at Caversham, covering the Soviet Union and the Balkans over a period that spanned the latter stages of the Cold War and the period of Gorabachev and perestroika. He currently focuses mainly on the Balkans and Central Europe, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, as well as Turkey Greece and Cyprus. Mike, who is also treasurer of the Oxford NUJ branch, will compare and contrast the different ways the conflict in the Ukraine has been covered by media  across central/eastern Europe.

Where? In the snug, upstairs in The Chequers pub, 131 High Steet, Oxford (at the Carfax end of High St  down the alley by Hotel Chocolat)

When? 7.00pm Thursday 12th June

Who? This an open branch meeting. We welcome anyone who supports informative, critical, independent and diverse journalism – particularly if you work in the media

We’ve all been watching, reading and hearing about what is happening in the Ukraine over recent weeks and months, and we doubtless all have our own views about how the story has been covered. At a time when communities across Europe seem to be turning both left and right in the search for alternatives to the political status quo, what can we expect from the media we all rely on for our information?  Come and join the discussion.



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One response to “Thursday June 12th: Are we seeing a return to Cold War journalism?

  1. Alan Taman

    I’ve had some experience of this; I was the national press office for the Medical Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons through the eighties, when cold war thinking was standard. I learned then how aligned mainstream media can be to government agendas; how pervasive and persuasive government PR is ; and how stereotyping works in relation to the political expedient to distance an enemy. In this case, a systematic down playing of what these weapons actually did to people when used, and denial of the ineffectiveness of government to protect anything other than its own chains of command should the worst ever happen. I’ve noticed the same pressures at work in how the BBC are portraying ISIS, interestingly.
    – Alan Taman, PRCC member and health journalism/PR campaigner

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